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Vertigo PG series print reactivedies have covalent dye-component bond. Its structural characteristic is that it has various types of one or more reactive groups. The most important ones are Vinyl sulphone and Monochloro Triazine systems. Groups such as Acrylamide and Vinyl sulphone react with cellulose. Adding double bond, component replaced with activated halogen one has the reaction of nucleophilic replacement. Up to now, the most important application segment for the Vertigo reactive dyes is the dyeing and printing of cellulosic fibers. Also, Vertigo reactive dyes are very appropriate for the dyeing of the bright leathers of which resistance for water and dry cleaning materials is the basis.

Vertigo PG reactive dyes have various remarkable specifications.

Suitable for printing with Single-phase – double phase application method.

High stability for dry phase and neutral solution.

Compound dyes can be washed out easily.

Bright and attractive colors can be achieved.

Good resistance to light and washing paling.

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