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The right pigment mix guarantees success ın paint industry.
With all aqueous and solvent based applications, the result of complete paint formulation depends on the mixing quality of the universal pigment dispersion along with titanium dioxide content and basic paint raw materials.

Goteks has been concerned for decades to develop a unique universally-mix capable pigment dispersion to incorporate both into aqueous and solvent-borne emulsion paint systems.

For this reason in mind, Goteks developed an efficient and economical pigment dispersion series under the trade name Unicoat offering highest quality level in whole industry in terms of compatibility in decorative and industrial paint bases.


Due to general cost pressure in paint industry and the possible inconsistent raw material quality due to supply shortages especially in ti02 variations, the performance of universal pigment dispersions to blend in efficiently into paint bases gains increasing importance.

To ensure efficient mixing and avoid possible rub-out color fluctuations... Unicoat pigment dispersions have been formulated with ultimate state-of-art milling stabilityusing sector's best binder, dispersing and wetting agent technologies.

To cover the wide fields of paint applications and requirements in respect of compatibility especially in 2K acrylic and epoxy systems, Goteks Unicoat series offers unique chosen pigment color index numbers in its wide portfolio of color ranges.
Critical areas of applications include highly loaded ti02 paints of aqeuous emulsions as well as solvent-borne 2K epoxy marine coatings.
The know-how combined with on going research into the diverse paint formulation tinting with Unicoat series with complete no adverse effect on dry film properties, Goteks Unicoat universal pigmnt technology is confidently to be applied into the manufacturing of aqueous and solvent paint formulations.

Working in close collaboration with Goteks partner customers, Unicoat series was designed initially in the form of theoretical idea of one pigment dispersion to tint all paint bases and later in labaratory trials it redefined the shortcomes of all market standart universal pigment dispersions especially with its superb compatibility in high ti02 loaded paint varnish formulations.

Unicoat series is on the verge of becoming paint industry darling with its allround compatible efficiency.

We as Goteks develop, optimize and test new pigment dispersion technologies and bring it over to your paint production plant to suit your know-how specifications.

We operate an ongoing research and development programme in order to continue offering you the latest pigment dispersion colors in the future.

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