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Serigraphy & Rotary Screen

Goteks printing ink division is a developer and formulator of innovative silk-screen serigraphic & rotary screen inks both solvent and free radical UV Curing types in a worldwide market considered as niche in terms of size and demand. Neverthless great volumes of packages, promotion items, labels, compact discs, instrument panels and manymore items are screen printed worldwide where Goteks is one of the agressive growth players to push the boundires of quality with its complete line of silk screen printing graphic inks. Today, proud of its results Goteks printing ink concept offers all silk-screen serigraphic applications a comprehensive color range and adhesion capability.

Goteks unique experience and knowledge about pigment dispersion technology in serigraphic inks set them apart from their worldwide screen ink manufacturer competitors to enable to emphasize specific surface application benefits in problem solving areas. All of this in the forefront of environmental standarts, combining unique performance with simplification of the printing process.



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