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DispercoatLet Rapido series ready-to-mix pigment dispersions to meet your exacting color tint performance standarts by Goteks who fully understand color process application needs of worldwide coating manufacturers.

With our ISO 9001 certified quality system, you will experience color consistency batch after batch.

Just make sure you have the right pigment dispersion for the manufacturing of Rapid & Cellulosic short to midium oil alkyd based industrial paints…

With Rapido series pigment dispersion you will now be able to mix and generate instant in plant batch size solvent paint colors without the need of time & cost consuming in plant pigment grinding difficulties.

With Rapido series modified-alkyd pigment dispersion series you will be able to maintain complete start to finish paint color mixing control allowing you a dramatic handle on your overhead running costs.. Rapido series pigment dispersion allows you to handle larger scale jobs more fficiently than ever and produce brighter paint colors with extremly fine micronised pigment colors.

With Goteks Rapido series alkyd pigment dispersions in your paint production you get the benefit of precise color standarts in-plant with minimum time loss to full speed ahead manufacturing job processing and color mixing of fast drying short alkyd solvent paints.

The bottom line resulting in more day to day consistency of your paint colors with no in plant pigment grinding complications, less waste, less loss of solvents, lower cost and happy paint manufacturer clients…

All of which should keep you laughing all the way to Goteks.

Strength, standart and cost-efficiency are three reasons to select Rapido series alkyd-based pigment dispersion colors for your industrial & decorative coating applications.

Rapido series just make sense for you to stop grinding pigments in-plant for rapid or cellulosic alkyd-based paints and to fully concentrate only on the know-how of paint production technology.

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