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Pad Printing

At Goteks we have been investing on R&D for over 20 years developing pad printing inks for a broad range of printing technologies. Goteks offers a broad range of one and two-component pad printing ink systems for printing in industrial and graphic printing. Our graphic art team strives to innovate new pad printing ink series, providing custom color matching or stand alone product series to meet any end use substrate requirements. All types of pad printing inks available to fulfill your unique requirements of gloss, matt and solvent resistant fastness requirements of different types of plastic and rigid metal substrates. With Padmaster pad printing inks you have an excellent tool to create long lasting outdoor exposure prints to boost your production quality and profitability by increasing output quantities and lowering agressive costs. Padmaster moves your productivity to the next level with unmatched color availability and special effects for maximum versatility on enhanced visiual selectivity. Vivid colors of Padmaster pad printing inks with excellent durability is the key to wow our printer clients with output colors that offers superior adhesion and brightest colors available so far. Goteks is second to none in dispersing a complete line of Padmaster pad printing inks to fully complement the formulations with significantly enhanced appearance and performance of the graphic print artworks. Versatile Padmaster series pad printing inks eliminate the substrate adhesion defects by creating uniform film formation on hard to wet and contaminated plastic surfaces. Padmaster pad printing inks have long been recognised as one of the industry standart and our highly experienced technical staff provides support ona worldwide basis helping our customers meet the environmental and performance challanges they face.


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