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Everyday flexographic ink manufacturers and printers throw away valuable time and money trying to disperse dry color pigments locally in plant production. Although it's not very visiual, these costs directly affect your bottom line of flexographic ink production.

One company with a comprehensive range of pigment dispersion series, processing strentgh and know-how technologies can take you from start to finish in one step colored-ink formulating and mixing.

Be a part of the passion for pigment dispersion quality we share with our customers.
Because being the best with Nitrocell series has to be the ultimate sales argument.

For over 30 years, GOTEKS has partnered with ink makers worldwide to develop custom color Nitrocell pigment dispersions that meet a wide range of solvent flexographic ink formulations. Whether you need high fastness pigment disperison colors, or better gloss low viscosity with high strength or other specific characteristics, we invite you to "have a taste" of what real GOTEKS experience and product know-how will do for you.

Our R&D team is ready to work with you to develop the exact Nitrocell pigment dispersion formulation you need to meet or exceed your printing customers requirements. With GOTEKS as your pigment dispersion partner, you will eliminate problem formulation and the need for additions or changes.

Simply, it's all about trust. If you willing to give us the courage to counter match your in plant dispersion we are than committed to earning your trust, listen your needs of necessary dispersion qualities to manufacture your flexographic inks. We'll partner with you to help boost productivity by eliminating your in plant , pigment dispersion job, increase profits and grow your business even further with Nitrocell series.

You will never lose another flexographic ink order from your packaging clients because your in-plant pigment dispersion process takes time to get back to you to finish your final ink formulation you need in order to be competitive.

The view from the top is breathtaking...

Let's see it together.

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