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At GOTEKS, whe know that without quality in our dispersions and service, there would be no quality in yours. That's why we provide only the best of class Microwood long-alkyd transparent pigment dispersions for the manufacturing applications of solvent based wood coatings designed to wood varnish coloring industry.

Ground breaking, innovative hi-performance iron oxide pigment color alternatives are hitting the wood coating market creating new opportunities being built. Our transparent iron oxide pigment dispersion colors are ready to take part of your solvent colored varnish production operation with the sale ambition to improve your entire production efficiency and business.

The main reason for GOTEKS Microwood series pigment dispersions to be great success among wood coating manufacturers is the demand for ready-to-mix super dispersed transparent / bright color pigments in the market place.

Our strength comes from technical experts who work with you step by step to determine  and match your standart pigment dispersion colors. Sooner or later, wood coating manufacturers have to decide on which road to take when it comes to pigment dispersions to formulate marketplace desired colors.

Take advantage of what we can do for you and discover for yourself how easy it is to work with GOTEKS.  

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