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As a result of the long year experience of the leather and chemical industry professionals over 15 years in this complex sector in which gaining experience is quite difficult, the brand Hi-Chem was developed to offer solutions for targeting chemical issues in the leather sector in particular.

It is among our major goals to prevent the most frequent problems faced by all leather professionals, to find suitable application solutions, to share their problems and to develop and offer auxiliary chemicals.

The production, fine process control and premix preparation of the specific auxiliary chemicals utilized during various stages of leather processing in the tannery from raw hide to pickling and dying offers innovative solutions with the silicon and biocyte production group. Each manufactured product group is tracked through the witness-sample method at the loading, production and filling stages. Each manufacturing raw material is subject to certification, review of quality control parameters and permission of use upon the laboratory test sample receipt.

For our entire range of manufactured products, raw materials compliant to the environment friendly EKOTEX-100 standards are used. Based on these principles, our company deals with the manufacturing of following products:

- Washing Chemicals
- Wetting and Penetrating Agents
- Degreasing Agents
- Bactericides
- Fungicides
- Defoamers
- Dye Fixating Agents
- Dye Smoothing Agents
- Water Softeners and Ion Preserving Materials
- Special Wool Washing Agents
- Materials for “Brisa” Effect at Wool Ends
- Special Wood Glaze Finishing Silicones.

In all stages of production, specific importance is paid to the basic factors such as the synergic effect point, easy application and storage, bleaching – color changes, gaining immunity and foam.

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