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DispercoatThe dispersing of organic pigments into the high conc liquid phase of aqueous solution is one of the most important steps along with good pumpable rheology behaviour and good gloss of optical property.

In this aspect ,Dispercoat Evo distinguishes itself from the market standart aqueous pigment dispersions creating brighter and stronger tinting solutions with real value in paint industry.

Focused innovation and know-kow skills at Goteks improves internal inplant capabilities of our paint clienfs and their water based paint competitiveness with Dispercoat Evo series.

Dispercoat Evo series versatile intermediates are the essential element of your aqueous paint wining formula and it's specialy designed 17 colors of pigment dispersions to enhance end-product paint performance by achieving strong stability of color strength especially in high percentage of tio2 formulations.

Your solution to meeting the increasing demand for vivid colored, safer, fastness resistant and enviranmetally friendly end - user to aqueous paints with Dispercoat Evo series begins here.


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