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Welcome To Goteks

Goteks exists to benefit every customer it works with...

Founded in 1999 our company is now Turkey's top diversified pigment dispersion company.

In combination to its probably the largest local organic pigment stocks in Istanbul, the company is engaged is engaged formulating its diverse portfolio of liquid pigment dispersions to all aspects of decorative & industrial paint industry, packaging industry and textile printing

As of September 7th, 2015

Goteks operations include;

Pigment preparations;
Sales and dispersion of organic / inorganic pigments.
Industries served: Decorative, industrial, wood coating, marine coating sectors involved in aqueous & solvent borne (paint) industry.
Textile printing & dyeing, packaging ink production, emulsion plastics, hobby paints, leather, detergent industries.

Graphic printing inks & Textile printing inks;
Manufacturing of both PVC & PVC-free textile screen printing plastisol inks. Manufacturing of PVC/Phthalate free aqueous textile printing inks.
Manufacturing of solvent / aqueous flexographic & rotogravure printing inks.


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